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Like many colleagues in this post-Brexit world, I find my British passport is now a hindrance to trade – not only have I lost my freedom of movement and right to work all over the EU, but every entry and exit to the Schengen Zone earns a stamp. My present passport is almost full of these stamps and a couple of visas, but not due to expire until 2029, six years from now!

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Knight Of Illumination

Simon Corder was honoured as a Knight Of Illumination in 2017. 

Winner of The Robert Juliat Award for Opera for his lighting of The Queen of Spades – “Simon utilised the natural decay of the evening light. His lighting design constantly controlled the audience’s eye, guiding to where the focus was supposed to be. Unlike the natural, comfortable and exciting darkness, he created a claustrophobic, suffocating and intense darkness.” – Alexandra Coghlan

Sunday 17th September marked the tenth anniversary of the prestigious Knight of Illumination (KOI) Awards and the reveal of the 2017 Winners, was held at the Eventim Apollo in London. During the dazzling evening event, many respected designers were ‘knighted’ – and bestowed with the iconic KOI sword. 

Knight of Illumination - Simon Corder
Knight of Illumination – Simon Corder