Fogscape #03238 – Durham

A collaboration with Japanese artist Fujiko Nakaya, presented at Lumiere, Durham 2015.

ArtistFujiko Nakaya
ArtistSimon Corder

” Fogscape #03238 was another festival hit, transfixing audiences on the riverbank as they watched its endlessly mutable form interacting with the wind. ” – Hugh Macknight, Chronicle Live, 16 November 2015

Fujiko Nakaya is a pioneer of installation and video art in Japan, and was the first artist to use fog as a sculptural medium, interested in its ever-changing form and how it is shaped, moment to moment, by the meteorological and environmental conditions of the place in which it is created.

Conjuring the spirit of St Cuthbert’s Mist, Fogscape #03238 was made of 1,500 high pressure nozzles along 150m of ‘fog line’ placed on the steep bank of the River Wear beneath Durham Cathedral. 200 light fixtures were placed on the bank, uplighting the wall, and on the cathedral roof to light the towers. The lights were programmed to shift and change with the fog.