Very Short Biography

Simon Corder – very short biography

Award-winning designer Simon Corder has completed more than 400 projects internationally over the past forty or so years. His practice embraces lighting for performance, set & production design, light art, zoo design, event production, lighting for exhibitions, and photography.

He has worked extensively as a lighting designer and scenographer in opera, site-specific performance, theatre, music theatre, and dance. He makes commissioned installation and artwork pieces, always outdoors.

Simon created lighting for the Night Safari attraction in Singapore, the first night-time zoo in the world, which opened in 1994 – since visited by over twenty-five million people. He went on to become a respected international zoo design consultant.

Nominated for an Olivier Award in 2004, an Irish Times Irish Theatre Award in 2013, and winner of the ‘special projects’ category of the 2006 Lighting Design Awards. He was honoured as a Knight of Illumination in 2017.