The Bough Series

Three brick wall mounted fluorescent artworks by Simon Corder.  

Bough 1 – London, 2004

Commissioned by Coin Street Community Builders for the Oxo Wharf winter light-up. Produced by Thea Jones, and erected by Trafalgar Lighting, Bough 1 was winner of the ‘special projects’ category of the Lighting Design Awards 2006. The piece has been maintained as a permanent artwork at Oxo Wharf, and it was refurbished for the Lumiere London light festival in 2018.

Bough 2 – Glasgow, 2005

Commissioned by Radiance – Glasgow and Scotland’s first ‘Festival of Light’ – produced by NVA with DF concerts on behalf of Glasgow City Council. Bough 2 was selected by Glasgow City Council for permanent installation and was remade to be durable in 2006.

Bough 3 – London, 2018

Commissioned by Artichoke for Lumiere London 2018, Bough 3 was mounted on 19 South Audley Street in Mayfair. Fabrication and erection by Unusual Rigging, the top of the piece at 21m above the street.