Un ballo in maschera – Oldenburg

Opera by Giuseppe Verdi, presented by Oldenburgisches Staatstheater in December 2019.

Rather unusually this was the second Un ballo in maschera of 2019, the first being at Opera Holland Park. In Oldenburg we very much enjoyed the Grünkohl Festival and the Christmas market.

DirectorRodula Gaitanou
Set & LightingSimon Corder
CostumeGøje Rostrup
Production ManagerGeorgios Kolios
Lighting AssociateSteff Flächsenhaar

“Simon Corder designed impressive sets: At the beginning, a bar in which the Page Oscar served behind the counter, and in which the blonde and seductive Amelia appeared. The second act shows dilapidated arches in a creepy forest, and the third act leads to a truly opulent library in the house of Renato. The costumes by Gøje Rostrup in the style of the 90s also fit in seamlessly.” – Wolfgang Denker, www.deropernfreund.de, 9 December 2019

“The ingeniously versatile skeleton of the stage set is made up of a few brick arches, which in the first picture serve as booths in the bar, in the second act serve as ruinous catacombs in which homeless people spend the night and in which the unhappily in love Amelia meets a dealer for her lovesickness. As Renato’s study, Simon Corder populates the arches with bookshelves before they become a subtle backdrop in the final image.” – Jochen Rüth, 6 January 2020

photos: Stephan Walzl