Don Quichotte – Wexford

Opera by Jules Massenet, presented by Wexford Festival Opera in the 2019 season.

DirectorRodula Gaitanou
LightingSimon Corder
ConductorTimothy Myers

“Simon Corder’s lighting is hypnotically enchanting: purple merges with indigo, which slithers into emerald, then blurs into gold, then orange.” – Claire Seymour, Opera Today, 28 October 2019

“…a wonderful, simple staging, aided by takis’ beautiful designs and Simon Corder’s elegant lighting.” – Mark Pullinger, Bachtrack, 23 October 2019

“A large part of the success was also down to the brilliant lighting designs of Simon Corder… At times, Corder flooded the stage in a blaze of colour which conjured the Spanish light of our imaginations, while at other times he darkened the stage to capture the heavier emotional atmosphere of the drama.” – Alan Neilson, Opera Wire, 4 November 2019

“And the whole evening benefits from the way Simon Corder’s lighting bathes the stage in atmospheric hues.” – Michael Dervan, The Irish Times, 23 October 2019

“Nor wonderfully is there anything workman-like about the Wexford Festival Opera production in terms of musical excellence, singing performances or the stage direction of Rodula Gaitanou. Everything is of the highest quality, also living up to the fundamental nature of the work, showing it for its true worth. Even the use of lighting and colour by Simon Corder could be seen to feed in and contribute to the whole mood of the piece, a stormy sunset in the background hinting at the end of an era. It was simply – although there’s nothing simple about such artistic excellence – outstanding.” – Keris Nine, Opera Journal, 4 November 2019

photos – Clive Barda